Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/10/17 TED Talk--A Warriors Cry Against Child Marriage

      I chose "A Warrior's Cry Against Child Marriage" video. The video is about a young women who grew up in Malawi Africa, and her fight for moving the age of marriage for young girls to the age of 18. She also went through lot's of hate in her community because she never married or had kids like the other girls and wanted different things that the people didn't think were acceptable.
      She overcame the thought of young marriage and decided that her family can't force her to marry. She will marry when she want or feels like it. Even if they are abusive or shun her she will marry when she has her education and an adult. When she feels comfortable. Gender Equality does not exist in the country she is from. Women called her stupid from where she was from. Her community really limited her. She wanted to get away and have a good education and a good job. People would compare her to her sister and how her sister is doing the right thing by pleasing men and marrying and having children. People in her community looked down on all the women who refused the normal in the community. But she overcame with convincing and explaining that young girls should be able to enjoy their youth, and not have to start their adulthood so early. Her community because of her pushed the leader to stand up for her and all you girls and women to not have to marry before the age of 18. This carried on to other community's. A bill ended up being passed and now it's a law that no woman has to be married before 18.
      This clip shows creativity by having a young women talk about how young girls suffer from not being able to enjoy youth. She gets personal and tells her story and how much she fought to get the law passed that they don't have to marry till the age of 18 instead of 15. She talks about how different things are in different countries versus the U.S.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/5 Because I could not stop for death

While in the carriage the speaker passes a school where children are playing, a field full of grain, and the setting sun. The house that the speaker stopped in front of was a swelling of the ground, the roof was visible and a mound of dirt with a cornice. I believe the house is a coffin. It's a coffin because the speaker said it's a swelling of the ground and she could see the roof. There was a big opening in the ground where the "house" laid with a big mound of dirt beside it.

Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28 Sonnet Questions

The things that the speaker says that can be seen in the character of the poem is the twilight of the day  and the glowing of fire and the ashes of his youth don't lie. The last two lines of the poem means to me that anyone who perceives or can see love makes love even more strong. For someone who loves so well that person must leave before a long time goes by. Don't let that person stay for a long amount of time.  I would put line breaks in between lines 4 and 5. The second line break would be between lines 8 and 9. The third line break would be between 12 and 13. Then the last two sentences are the couplets. I would put a break between lines 4 and 5. Lines 1 and 3 rhyme and 2 and 4 rhyme both have rhyming at the end of the sentences. Then lines 5 and 7 rhyme together that goes along with lines 6 and 8 which also rhymes and they both rhyme at the end of the sentences. Lines 9 and 11 rhyme together which go along with lines 10 and 12 that also rhymes at the end.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/21 "The Heart That Fed" Poem

The Heart that Fed refers to how good the sculptor sculpted Ozymandias's emotions, passions and how he acted. Ozymandias's emotions and passions fed the heart which made him the person he was.
Ozymandias is described as a very powerful king who has a "cold command" stated the poem which makes me believe he wasn't the best ruler, he was very harsh and wanted it his way or no way. The message the author is presenting is what a visitor has once told him that he had seen while traveling. The meaning of the poem was a sculpture that hasn't been seen in years and a traveler came upon and realised it was a famous
 sculpture. The details on the sculpture talked about the expressions engraved in his face and his personality.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

College vs. Social Media

I agree that social media should be taken in account for when someone is enrolling into a college or trade school. Because I believe it is good for the college and coaches if the student is trying to get a scholarship to know what kind of person that student is. Like what Hand said, if a student isn't willing to change and take down things on his social media how are you able to trust that player fully. He could do something totally different then what that coach had wanted him to do. I believe that Social Media checks are a great thing for colleges to do. I disagree, I believe more kids worry about having character to fit in and be apart of everyone else instead of being a character. Rules in highschool mimic rules of college by late work. If you don't turn it in on time not credit. Most high school's don't tolerate immaturity. Lots of lectures are on powerpoints like college and you have to get the notes yourself. You have to learn which notes are important and which aren't and how to organize your notes. Most of the things in highschool leave you on your own. You have to use your resources to figure things out like college would be. Many teachers have given references and mental notes for what to look out for in college and how to do certain things which is a way they are preparing us for college.
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Loveliest of Trees Poem

The time of year that the author goes to visit the cherry tree is during the winter. The speaker decides to go to the woodlands and see the cherry tree "hung with snow" because she always sees it in bloom and for once she would like to see the cherry tree covered in snow since she's getting older. The speaker enjoys the outdoors and the "woodland ride" that the speaker goes on is where the cherry tree is. The cherry tree was a tree that always stood out to her. I believe she always loved going out and seeing the cherry tree in the winter time and the speaker is now getting older and really cherishes the times she can get out to take a "woodland ride" and see all of the beautiful trees.
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Childhood book

    Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett was at the top of my list of favorite books and it still is. Its an all around great children's book that has the best detailed pictures i've ever seen in a book. The book is about a little armadillo that goes out with his mom, brothers and sisters but ends up straying off from his family because he say what looked like an armadillo like him who was beautiful but really it was just a girls cowboy boots that she was wearing. The armadillo didn't even realise they were on a girls feet he just kept following what looked like another armadillo into the rodeo grounds. He followed the girls boots through barns, corrals, weaved in between horses legs to keep up with the boots, until the girl with the boots walked into a line dancing barn where everyone was dancing. The armadillo got lost from trying to follow the boots, until he found himself flying through the air and out of the barn. That's when he got up with the armadillo looking boots and followed them down to where a camp fire was the girl had taken off her boots. He got real close to the standing boots and tried talking to them but they never responded. He then looked into the boots and that's when he realised the boots weren't armadillo's, they were just things that were on the girls feet. He was really disappointed but he got an adventure out of it. He then went back into the woods where he met back up with his mom and siblings.  I was really drawn to the book when my grandma had read it to me the first time because I was really really into horses. I loved anything that had horses in it or rodeo stuff, and my grandma knew I was really into that stuff. The book just really connected with me and I loved it. Every Time I went to my grandmas I would make her read it to me I loved it so much.

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